Faculty: Chirag Doshi

TA: Surabhi Motwani

360 -From Concept to Creation

This studio offered students an opportunity to deal with the entire process between conception of a schematic program until the stage before site execution. From the beginning, students were given a design problem where they were expected to handle a project designed for a client with a specific budget. Students went through a “360° process” of conceptual design, design development, estimation, construction drawings, material selection, BOQ, project timeline & pre-execution standards.

To demonstrate this problem, students were given an actual site of around 1500 to 2000 square feet. along with a program brief for designing either an eatery, retail space or a fitness center. Students had to keep in mind the necessities of a CoVid-responsive design, which could later be normally operated post-CoVid. Students were given a small-scale site to handle, so that they were not lost in scale but could concentrate on detailing & execution aspects.


Studio Structure

Timeline & Expert Sessions

Site & Context

Logo & Program description