Faculty: Vasav Bhatt

TA: Mayuri Ramavat

Art of Detailing

This studio targeted to bridge the gap between academia and practical world where ideas with different materials can be explored to transform them into reality through drawings and 3D explorations. Design detailing relies on developing a thorough understanding and sensitivity to every characteristic of the designed object including: its purpose and function; mechanism of operation; the material; the method of assembly and fabrication; finishes and ornamentation. Detailing is the articulation of the structure and construction. The discussion included reviews of recent built works that extract underlying principles that can be the basis for new patterns or the alteration and addition to existing patterns. In guiding a design from idea to reality, architects design a set of details that show how structure will be put together. The aesthetics are only a small fraction of good design and that stability and functionality require a deep understanding of how elements come together.

Art of Detailing helped bring the elements together with a well fleshed-out design that communicated accurately at all levels of the construction process through identifying the palate of materials to explore and recognize its strength/weakness in the overall built-form; structure and details.

Composition of overall progress showing detailed drawings and design interventions

Concept translated into design through 3D exploration and details

Study and documentation of Joineries

Study, documentation of doors and windows along with proposal of door & windows in the designed space

Study and documentation of staircase with proposal of staircase in designed space