Faculty: H M Shivanand Swamy | Khelan Modi

TA: Madhura Kawadkar

Transportation Project Studio

The urban transportation is going through a paradigm shift from ICE to electric mobility to reduce GHG emissions & crude oil dependency. To promote manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles, various policies and programs are proposed and implemented by the government of India.
The 3rd Sem studio focused on the preparation of detailed feasibility report and in the process to learn practical application of concepts of transportation economics. The key learnings of the studio are: ICE and EV technology appreciation, EV adoption readiness assessment, framing and executing surveys, consumer choice behaviour, TCO assessment, financial, economic and climate impact assessment, literature review and report writing skills.
The process included Understanding state of the art of electric mobility through extensive literature review culminating into individual reports and a theme paper, reviewing electric mobility policies, programs, roadmap adopted in 24 international cities, presented as best practice case study report, conducting electric mobility market adoption assessment & TCO analysis for different modes, developing a mode wise electric mobility adoption and implementation strategy for the selected city, its financial & economic feasibility analysis and Enabling them to undertake discrete choice modelling experiment to assess the shift from ICE to Electric Vehicles to demonstrate the project development.

Introduction to EV

National & International practices

Case cities, targeted modes and RFP

Supply, Demand Assessment & Scenario Development

Feasibility Analysis, EV strategy and Study Highlights

Student Projects