Faculty: Sanal Thathapuzha | Sagar Trivedi

TA: Richa Surati

Exploring the Nature of the Institution of Learning

The studio is about understanding, exploring and learning Architectural design as a dialogue between body, space and surroundings. The studio aims to understand the nature of institution and its relationship with the land and the program. The studio encourages students in self-learning and different ways of exploring the architectural program and design rooted in their own skills. Shreyas campus has grown over a period of time. It is situated on ‘Shreyas Tekro’ one of the small hills in Ahmedabad. The site offers a diverse range of land, flora and fauna. This gives a variety of physical contexts for each student to observe understand and respond. Existing architectural context of buildings designed by Balkrishna Doshi and Kamal Mangaldas creates an interesting opportunity to understand responses to context. The Studio focuses on two main aspects. Program making and Understanding the place. Program making encourages students to go deep into the philosophy of Shreyas and understand their current requirements. Understanding the place will explore different methods of looking and experiencing the site. The studio program will emerge from different student group’s exploration of program making and experience of site.

Studio Unit

Individual explorations of light and shadow

Exploring Shreyas Campus

Working in groups of 3 with a set of rules to design spaces of rest, play and gather

Working in groups of 3 to reinterpret program and respond to context of site and each other's spaces

Developing design further within the same group