Faculty: Pavni Pandya | Chandresh Solanki

TA: Harshadkumar Parmar | Khushi dharmesh Shah

Geotechnical Parameters: Influencing Foundation Systems

Foundation is a critical part of any civil structure which rests on soil and so, soil plays a crucial role in design of foundation. With the help of proper site investigation and soil exploration, information regarding underground soil strata can be known. This studio would enable students to conceptualize behaviour of different types of soils and to design suitable foundation type of for a structure.
During the studio, students would be exposed to soil exploration work on site. They would be going on field to collect soil samples from different depths by drilling a bore hole and also conducting some field tests. Required soil tests would be performed on soil in the laboratory. It would allow them to conceptualize importance of different soil investigation activities like drilling of bore hole, collection of soil samples and different types of soil tests and overall planning of soil investigation work. It would also equip them with preparing site bore logs. Students would be exposed to applicability of different types of foundations (Shallow and deep) and their designs. At the end of the studio, the students would be expected to choose and design well suited foundation/s for given structure and given soil condition.

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