Faculty: Priyanshi Jain

TA: Shashikant Bhambhani

Architecture and Sensory

Our encounters of architecture are enormous,but encounters that are etched in memories are usually the ones that have moved our senses that is sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.Be it the dynamic composition, the unconventional use of materials, the colour palette received because of juxtaposition of light and shadow, all contribute towards evolvement of sensory experiences.The studio enables one to identify a program not only to suit the purpose but also to make a change and evoke human sense.The studio aims to address undefined investigate the constant heightened experiences derived from various architectural languages, explore its parameters, to form a library of spatial elements. These architectural elements become the basis to design contemplative spaces that are inserts within various mundane settings in cities. The idea is to enrich the process of Observing, Recording, Visualization undefined Imagining within the proposed architecture whilst learning from the precedents that uses embodied perception.

Studio Unit

Observation and Recording

Site Experience

Imaginative Spaces


Design Resolution