Faculty: Ramya Ramesh | Harshil Parekh

TA: Priya Bhadja

Designing With People

AR2018 Designing with People S21
Community spaces emerge from common interests, beliefs and needs. This studio explores the role of architecture in facilitating place-making processes by co-designing with users. Over the years, the ‘Anganwadi’, originally a child-care centre, has taken different forms and meanings, transforming into a community space with multiple users and stakeholders. In this studio, students will reinterpret the Anganwadi programme and co-design a place that optimizes resources, while creating a sense of pride and ownership for the community. They will develop tools and methods of engaging with stakeholders, which in turn will inform their design process and architectural expression. The studio consists of 3 parts - reading the physical and social context, formulating a programme and co-designing with people. It is underpinned by a critical ethos of empathy, which involves recognizing one’s biases, respecting people’s circumstances and keeping their needs and aspirations at the centre.

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