Faculty: Vinod Shah | Mangesh Belsare

TA: Kathan Gandevikar

Span and Space: Exploring Tectonics in Architecture

‘Tectonics’ in architecture is achieving the expressive qualities through construction and manoeuvring of forces in structure such that entity created cannot be defined only by structure and construction. In achieving tectonics- recognizing, selecting, and ordering of material and form plays an important role in design process. To achieve any architectural form, structural and construction modes play an important role. The way in which these forms and its volumetric qualities enrich the quality of space in architecture is the exploration studio is aiming at. Architects need to equip themselves to exploit the potential of these materials and methods, for which conceptual understanding of structural systems and form is essential. Studio will equip students to design and detail meaningful forms using fundamentals of structural actions and material properties along with construction technology which is essential as a part of design process.

Studio Unit

Developing plan configurations through collages

Spatial character as a modifier

Structural system and Material properties as modifiers

Introduction of a site

Part to whole