Faculty: Khushru Irani | Ketaki Jadhav

TA: Shivangi Panchal

24 x 7 : mono use to multi use

Significant architectural and historic heritage structures become an important landmark, point of reference as well as a cultural setup for the local community. It also nurtures a sense of social identity that harbours a way of living for the local people. An effort to preserve such spaces therefore becomes important so that its retaining, enables the belongingness for a community within its precinct.The studio reimagines the cultural adaptation of public spaces in a city so as to introduce a multi use to the site. Realising that there are users that do enjoy a day and night engagement for a public space in Ahmedabad, the studio hopes to bank on maximising this potential into a design problem. The aim shall be to rejuvenate an existing market space and adapt the setting of the space facilitating multi use for 24 hours for all 7 days.

Studio Unit

Studio Structure showing weekly focuses

Warm up exercise conducted on under utilised sites within the campus

Adaptively reusing a Modern heritage site : Premabhai hall

Adaptively reusing a defunct Industrial site

Adaptively resuing a Market/Commercial Space : Paldi Municipal Market