Faculty: Mansi Shah

TA: Shubhangi Saxena

Eco Warriors [Edible to Productive Landscapes]

The unit focus is centered on the design of public spaces from a ?productive? perspective. To define ?productive?, simply put, it is an approach where landscapes strategies enhance ecological processes, food production, or provide community spaces. Or in other words, landscapes that complement ecological processes or systems approach to provide a range of ecosystem services.

As a case, the studio explores Gandhinagar City, a city with many large under utilized and inefficient public spaces, most of which are vacant or if designed, suffer from a lack of planting diversity and unproductive both in terms of its usage by people and in terms of maintenance and inputs required for its upkeep. Thus, the studio invited students interested in developing innovative landscape solutions for
a public spaces by adapting PUL approach that integrate elements of public space (such as organized planting and areas for sitting, eating, walking and playing) but bring in elements
of the natural world and systems (such as enhanced biodiversity, reviving water systems, or integrating pollinator habitats, or provisioning landscapes, for example) to create lively, joyful and productive spaces that form the base of this urban design studio.

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Studio Unit

Unit Eco-warriors [edible to productive landscapes]

Module 1: Cultivate (XL Scale)

Module 2: Propagate (L,M Scale)

Module 3: Demonstrate (S,XS Scale)

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