Faculty: Harsh Bhasin | Jignesh Mehta | Arun Kumar | Utkarsh Patel | Amit Gotecha

TA: Shikha Patel | Surya Thakkar | Ankita Panchratna

Urban Expansion and Regeneration Planning Studio

"Majority of the cities in India are growing rapidly due to rapid urbanization. Though many of them prepare macro level plans (Development Plans and Master Plans) to manage future growth, these plans provide only focus on overall zoning, trunk network and broad framework for development. These plans, however, remain unimplemented without careful micro-level planning in both green field and brown field areas. This Studio focused on developing core competencies in preparing micro level plans for both, greenfield (TPS/LP) and brownfield (LAP) areas, which go beyond conventional approaches, and integrate multi-disciplinary aspects resulting in high quality environment. In this studio, the students are engaged in preparing Local Area Plans,Town Planning Schemes and Land Pooling in different cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Bharuch and Jaipur. After reviewing the statutory framework and existing situation analysis, the students derive the vision and develop proposals for a robust road network."

Studio Unit

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Objectives, Approach and Process

Timeline - Iterations 1 & 2

Timeline - Iterations 3 & 4

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