Faculty: Ujjwal Dawar | Dharmik. Thakkar.

TA: Varun Shah

Meaning and Detail

The fundamental aim of architecture is to communicate meaning through the physical expression of a building. When there is a synchronization between an architectural statement derived from the program and the necessary skill to translate it, the meaning becomes coherent and legible.
Architecture expresses meaning through Assemblage, which is counter-dependent on morphological detailing. Morphology, driven by program, is controlled by materiality and construction systems. Program can be broken-down at symbolic stage into two categories, Quantifiable Aspects (means of achieving meaning) and Non-quantifiable aspects (the embedded meaning) which helps decode the translation of the ‘meaning.’
By decoding the embedded meanings in an existing structure, the studio aimed at developing tools of detailing which were used to design architectural interventions in the same context.
Students not only learned how to draw upon an analogous relationship between the language of architecture and its meaning, but build a library of various assemblages and morphological details.