Faculty: Nilang Pandya | Shirishkumar Patel

TA: Khushi hetal Shah

Design in Detail

The studio aimed at looking at the practice of design with the aim of comprehending the execution of an idea and understanding design as essentially a sum of its details. Meaningful architecture is created when details of a design work in a synchronized manner. The idea was to manifest an underlying clarity of intent through the details. While being able to articulate an idea in drawing is essential to conceptualizing, the execution of these ideas in the realm of construction practices is of utmost importance as well. To begin with, students took up an existing building to observe, document, deconstruct, analyze, and understand design intentions in terms of materials, structure, details, and services. The design program of the studio was to create a ‘Gram Udyog Kendra’, a platform to promote handmade, organic, and herbal products, which also was supposed to have a café and some supporting functions. A parallel exercise to study details in real life construction projects and learn the aspects of the process of execution was run through the semester.

Studio Unit