Faculty: Jayant Gunjaria | Viral Bhavsar

TA: Vaishal Patel

Kunstform - Kernform -From Tectonic assembly to Tectonic experience

Karl Botticher identifies the architectural system and its expression by presenting the terms “Kernform” (core form) and“Kunst form” (art form), associating the tectonic assembly with the experience of the space. Architectural composition emerges through systematic modulation of the primary material component such as brick-stone-timber-steel etc. The preference for a material system as the principal propagator of design is primarily informed by program-context-climate-culture-efficiency and time. Hence, it is vital to investigate material specific systems and assemblies concerning a complex program culminating in distinctive typology and form, e.g., a humble stone arch with its systematic articulation can form a Gothic cathedral. Therefore, the medium to explore and assimilate this relationship between material-system-assemblies and experience is a sports arena, whose programmatic complexity necessitates articulation between spans circulations-support-facilities-servicesutilities etc. This comprehension between multispan systems and experience, working at various scales to achieve an elegant, efficient and singular expression, enabled students to attribute the tectonic experience to tectonic assemblies.

Studio Unit

Knowing from the precedence

Tessellations of the systems

Knowing the context and program

Organization of systems and spaces

Articulation of systems and expressions