Faculty: Kireet Patel | Hiloni Sutaria

TA: Rutvik Faldu

Parameterising a Design Language

The Studio intended to explore emerging design technologies and fabrication techniques to comprehend their role potential and role in space making in the interior design process. This studio encouraged design through processes emerging from patterns and natural and contextual algorithms. The intention was to familiarise and introduce aspects of interior design from conceptualisation to fabrication to develop an exploratory process in design. The strategies were guided through self-generating processes or in examining materials using hands-on material experimentation. The studio highly relied on generating ideas and problemsolving methodologies by using computational design as a tool and only used technology as an aid to support production and fabrication processes. The studio had a mix of workshops and lectures to introduce various aspects of process design production. The studio was envisioned as an attempt to push students to find their own design voice, design-ism or create their own language from their own experiences and explorations.

Studio Unit

Materialising the interior spaces

Analysing Art, city , Programme and site



Decoding Nature