Faculty: Priyal Shah

TA: Meen Desai

Sculpting Spaces

Landscape architecture has multiple perspectives to designing a space; and it can be sculpted with many different approaches. This studio helped students explore ways of communicating landscape design with living elements that are not static, that grow, and that interact. Through investigations and readings, planting was looked at through various lenses for observations, understanding and designing. Part 1, investigation and ideation through variables and constants to understand planting strategies that helped students ideate many ways in which designs can be detailed through plants. Part 2, design conceptualization on selected sites of different scales to communicate strategies and complexities through lens selected from investigation. These were reviewed through the spatial character, change in time, use of variables and constants in part 3. Collectively, the studio developed an insight in the students to look at landscape design with an outlook of living systems being the foreground to sculpt spaces

Studio Unit

Studio process

Investigation and Ideation; Reading and recording the sites

Design Conceptualization

Shaping spaces