Faculty: Himadri Das

TA: Priyanka Baghel

Urban Transformation Studio Unit 3

The Urban Transformation Studio focused on developing design interventions within the framework of existing Indian cities to cater to the increasing urban population’s demand for more built floor space and infrastructure. The two potential sites identified for this are the proposed district centers sites of Mayur Vihar and Shastri Park, located in the flood plains of Yamuna in East Delhi, originally planned by the DDA (Delhi Development Authority). The studio examined possibilities to develop frameworks that stitch together the sites with the context. The students identified the factors behind the limited success of both the district centers and presented a proposal for the regeneration of the areas to the DDA. The students explored the methods of integration of physical design with the regulatory frameworks (TPS, LAP) in creating liveable, functional, memorable, safe and sustainable urban areas. The urban design projects emerging from the larger identified framework addressed the issues of private ownership and social equity, land economics, planning models, project finance, and implementation strategies in the individual sites.

Studio Unit

Studio Introduction

Site Analysis - Shastri Park District Centre

Structure Plan and Proposals - Shastri Park District Centre

Site Analysis - Mayur Vihar District Centre

Structure Plan and Proposals - Mayur Vihar District Centre