Faculty: Sameer Kulavoor | Rahul Malandkar

TA: Rushabh Suchdev

What''s architecture got to do with it?

We acknowledge that the formative years of early education are particularly impressionable and represent a crucial period for nurturing intuition and imagination. Through the studio sessions, we aimed to foster empathy, sensitivity and a deeper connection with both the human experience and the environment. The primary objective was to expose students to a wide array of artistic disciplines including music, graphic design, contemporary art, performance art, animation, literature and more, in order to expand their creative horizons and widen their reference banks.

Exercises were designed to heighten students? awareness of their immediate surroundings and the broader human context and encouraging them to embrace values such as inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability, and diversity. We placed a strong emphasis on the hands-?on aspect of creation, urging students to engage in a rigorous creative process. Furthermore, the studio promoted active discourse, critical analysis and an environment where students were encouraged to question binaries such as global versus local, permanence versus ephemerality, minimalism versus maximalism, form versus function, and play versus work. The idea was to expose the students to methods and approaches of making and thinking about architecture that may or may not have its origins within the conventional discourse around architecture.

Studio Unit

Initial exercises

Animation, Morphing , Form and Scale exploration

Various design outcomes of scale exploration exercise

Temporary vertical city(art festival) by 2 groups

Axonometric drawing, views and physical model by Group 2(Rise)