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Understanding the City Studio-1

Faculty: Vanishree Herlekar | Nitika Bhakuni | Ravi Sannabhadti | Rutul Joshi | Subhrangsu Goswami | Mehrnaz Amiraslani | Anil Kumar Roy | Bhargav Adhvaryu | Bhargav Oza | Debarati Bhattacharya | Anindita Ghosh | Narendra Mangwani | Rujul Joshi | Umesh Shurpali

Understanding The City Studio

The first-semester Studio at Faculty of Planning PG programs is called ‘Understanding the City’ Studio. The studio aims to develop intimate understanding of a city and equips the students with conceptual, methodological, analytical, and communication skills necessary for becoming a professional urbanist. This studio focuses on an evidence-based approach for framing and analyzing complex.