Faculty: Muntaha Rushnaiwala | Anuj Anjaria

Space Kinematics

In the discipline of architecture, there are two kinds of spaces – one which is static and transforms with factors such as activities, light, etc. and other which is dynamic and transforms itself through its envelope and elements of the space.

This studio will focus on the transformative potential of architecture and make the student explore the intricacies of making and detailing through the idea of transforming roofs/walls/facades/floor.
The course will also focus on architectural qualities/spatial qualities which are primarily derived from its process of making.

Introduction to the logic of assembly of building elements as well as executing the techniques and process of making those building elements along with the manufacturing processes and learn to think "design" via the processes of making and understanding of materials through various design exercises.

Assimilating learning from previous exercises, The studio will attempt to design existing building elements with new behavioural properties which eventually transforms the existing space. For example designing a pavilion that becomes a larger shelter as required, designing a wall that gives shade to itself, designing a retractable roofing system for a mosque.