Faculty: Pratyush Shankar | Vipuja Parmar

MAD studio-Urban Insert

Indian cities present an interesting problem for designer. At one level, they are steeped in history and seem to be in a time warp of some sorts and at the same time, they are sites of aspiration and are speculating on the future that nobody has seen. Some city contexts are loaded with such meanings and have also been playground for testing different architectural ideologies.
In this studio, students will learn to design a public building as an urban insert in one such site in the Ahmedabad that is loaded with medieval history and was also the site of modernist experimentation in the 1960’s. So, this site has seen too much and has a context so strong that it can almost become a burden!
In this studio students will learn to design in one such site. Each student will choose their own site from a larger area of interest