Faculty: Kruti d Shah | Rachit Sheth

TA: Aakash Jain (do not use) | Meet satishkumar Shah

Designing spaces in Reinforced Concrete

Building construction is not only about erecting concrete mass in a space, but is also about developing a space by effective utilization of its area. In today’s times, where every RCC building is different in terms of its shape, form and structural system, an engineer requires to not only analyze and design the building but also understand the process that leads to its architectural and structural form. One needs to cultivate the conceptual understanding of its architectural design and coherently develop the structural system.

The studio aimed at developing a holistic understanding of various RCC building systems such as portal frame, concrete truss, vault, ribbed slab, waffle slab, flat slab, folded plate and so on. This took place with spatial conceptualization to its detail design, by the means of prototype modelling, work problems and 3D models to help visualize the impact of structure on space. Along with this, the students were invited to go through manual calculations and hand done drawings of typical RCC elements after which a detailed STAAD analysis was carried out for the building designed by them

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Studio Pedagogy

Architectural Form and Space

Structural Concepts, Manual Problem Solving

Software Analysis, Design & Detail