Faculty: Reshma Shah | Abhi Jhaveri

TA: Mayurika Chakrabarti


A project, according to the PMI, USA, is a one-shot, time-limited, goal-directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources." By and large, all projects have to pass through the following five phases:
1. Conception phase
2. Definition phase
3. Planning and organizing phase
4. Implementation phase
5. Project clean-up phase

The project life cycle phases form an interesting pattern indicative of growth, maturity and decay almost similar to the human life. The curve shows the various phases in sequence and the approximate effort involved in each phase, though in real life the phases will overlap. A life cycle curve can, thus, represent a class of project. This parabolic pattern of
growth, maturity and decay manifests itself in all phases of the project life.

In this studio, students apply the knowledge of “Know How” and learn the “Know Why” in a project’s life cycle stages of a residential/commercial/industrial/infrastructure project. Students will take an ongoing construction project as a case study, and whatever processes have been implemented before, during and after construction, has to be documented and analysed.