Faculty: Chirag Doshi

360 -From Concept to Creation

360°¬ From Concept to Creation, this studio offered the students an opportunity to deal with the entire process between conception of a schematic program right till the stage before site execution. Since the students are at the cusp of stepping into the real world, this studio provided a chance for them to take their unique concepts and designs right up to the state of execution. Students went through a 360° process of conceptual designs, design development, estimation, construction drawings, material selection, BOQ, project timeline and pre-execution documentation. To demonstrate this brief, students were given a site of around 1800 sq ft. where they were encouraged to work out a program brief of designing an eatery. All Students worked on coming up with new and unique concepts of an eatery, whereby giving them space for creativity as well as a practical understanding.
The main learning outcomes from this studio was to enable students to prepare a design scheme such that they can actually take it up as an actual real-world project. The entire process revolved around a practical understanding of unique concepts and design manifestations.