Faculty: Ruchi Mehta

Brand Building through Spatial Design

Various retail formats in which brands operate play an important role in communicating the brand values. Hence this studio focused on the design of various retail formats through the lens of brand building and helped students develop an approach for using spatial design as a tool for brand building. This included carrying out research to understand the brand, development of strategy, and development of design details.

The students selected their own design problems/brand for this studio. They selected a brand that was either expanding its product/service portfolio or was a new and growing brand; it could've been a brand that either needed a flagship store or an experience center to deal with this omnichannel presence, or a brand that required revamping of its image.

The students developed an interpretation of the brand’s overall strategy, selected the site, and developed a program based on their preliminary understanding of the brand. They then produced spatial design solutions and presented the design with a complete set of drawings, models, views, and graphics to communicate the strategies.