Faculty: Mona Prabhu

TA: Karnav Mistry

Typography and Print in Visual Communication

Typography is the art of arrangement of letters to create appealing and easily readable language. Typography is used in innumerable ways.
In India, type is in multiple languages and different vernacular scripts. With changing media scenario, the effectiveness of print media requires strategic and innovative approach in design.
The studio aimed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of Typography, and techniques for effective visual communication in the print media.

Beginning with practice with letter forms and spacing, followed by a range of exercises in Latin and Vernacular scripts, the students developed a gradual understanding of elements of type
and composition. Through readings and study,
the studio covered essential topics related to evolution and classification of typefaces, aspects of Typographic Design, Principles of Composition, Publication Design.

Subsequent assignments involved design and development of print material using Adobe Graphic applications. Thus, students developed proficiency in the appropriate use of colour, text, typographic grid, images and graphics. The final project explored ways to employ visual skills
to inquire and address a youth-relevant topic. The focus was on creative explorations and experimental techniques to generate interaction for change.

Studio Unit