Faculty: Mona Prabhu

TA: Karnav Mistry

Typography and Print in Visual Communication

Typography is used in our everyday life in innumerable ways. It has a significant role in impacting consumer behaviour, access to and retrieval of information, and the ease of comprehension of printed material. Contemporary developments in print and digital media influence the manner of dissemination of information. A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of type, layout and print is essential for a Design Student in the field of Visual Communication. The course will deal with elements of type, aspects of Typographic Design and principles of composition. Students will be given assignments aimed to develop a gradual understanding and proficiency in the use of Latin as well as Vernacular scripts. This would enable them to employ their visual skills effectively in any project. Course evaluation will be based on the studentsundefined#39; conceptual clarity, the ability to methodically approach design assignments, ability to ideate, explore and arrive at fruitful Design solutions.

Studio Unit