Faculty: Tulika nabar Bhasin | Nishi Shah

TA: Revati Desai

Urban Planning & Regulation: Intent, Manifestation, and Design

Indian cities are the most social, environmental & economic complex systems in the world with issues like lack of good quality public realm & inclusive pedestrian infrastructure, unfordable land market & an over regulatory development framework. These issues are a result of an archaic idea of city planning with multiple stakeholders. The competing views of stakeholders towards city design materialize
in the form of national/State level policies, development plans & building regulations which culminate in tangible changes to shape cities.
To understand the competing process of push & pull of city-making from macro to micro scale, the students will explore various analytical techniques & design processes at city & area level with a specific focus on manifesto, design of public & private realms and regulations.
From tracing the impacts of acts, policies, regulations to site analysis, these projections will translate into 2 design processes to finally offer recommendations.

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