Faculty: Keyurkumar Patel | Shashin Natvarlal patel | Shah rakesh Himmatlal | Hitendra jaswantlal Shah

TA: Dipesh Panchal

Design of Industrial Structures

This studio focuses on designing heavy duty industrial structures. Industries such as cement industry, refineries, sugar industry, power plants etc. have a requirement of various categories of structures such as chimneys and silos, water tanks and heavy duty industrial structures. When the theory of analysis of each structure is different, it is essential to know all the required provisions for designing such complex problems. Such projects will be undertaken and structural design of the project in part or whole will be accomplished by the students. The outputs will be presented in form of design reports and detail drawings. Discussions will happen on technical specifications, process requirements and its structural planning to fulfill the desired functions. Identifying essential features that play an important part in forming any industry such as Silos, Chimneys, preheaters, Industrial sheds, pipe racks and conveyor belt systems from the live projects discussed. Image courtesy India cements

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