Faculty: Bhairav Patel | Meet satishkumar Shah | Vishal Joshi | Pankti Pandya | AKHILA MUTHA

TA: Anish Prajapati | Swapnil Nandurkar | Aashlesh Gandhi

Structural Forms and Materials

Nature has been looked upon as a most influencing factor to innovate any system required to solve human problems and these bio-inspired engineering principles can be incorporated at micro level as well as at macro level. Right from developing form to optimization of structural systems, these nature inspired structures can be useful in creating real life large structures, which can turn out to be resilient systems against natural disasters. In today’s world, Engineers are required to get sensitized with form, material, size and shapes, connections and limitations of adopting the design and construction principles in the structures that they intend to develop in future. Students will study the philosophy of master engineers-designers, who worked without any advanced tools and created marvelous structures from different materials. The studio discussions will be based on nature-based solutions, designers from the past and then will converge to modern phenomenally engineered buildings and construction materials.

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