Faculty: Mohammedayazkhan Pathan

TA: Rajkumar Dindor

Abstraction | Tectonics | Form

This studio unit intended to investigate into process of transformation through different levels of interpretation, wherein metamorphosis of the experiential data leads to architectural form and space with the help of abstraction. Starting with a natural object/phenomena, through various stages of design process, students arrived at an architectural form that is rooted in ‘Tectonics’. First half of the studio, titled as ‘Abstraction’, involved developing abstract ideas from a ‘topic’ selected by the student. The ‘topic’ could be an object, a process or an activity occurring in nature that has a fascinating play of forces. At the end of this stage students suggested an architectural form by synthesising needs of the given site and program along with the abstract models derived from ‘abstraction’ stage. The second half, titled as ‘Tectonics’, focussed on developing structural system, details, and technology appropriate for the architectural form derived at end of last stage.

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Studio Unit

The intent is to interpret the form and explore various possibility through 2Ddiagrams and 3D models.

The site is a remote place at river bed, Kadiyadro,Bhuj.

All the 3D interpretations were introduce at site to explore various conditions driven by form and site demography.

Various structural iterations are explored considering the form and desired materiality by making physical structural models.

Final design outcomes were in the form of Tower, Cantilever deck, Pavilion and Pedestrian Bridge.