Faculty: Sachin Soni

TA: Vishnu Vasudevan

Masters Stroke: Matters of Architectural Language

Experiencing a 'masterwork' of architecture is like reading an excellent piece of literature. It engages the senses through ways in which various aspects of architecture cohere into a meaningful, emotionally charged encounter. It is not surprising that language and architecture have been used as analogies in many ways. Often, phrases like language of architecture? are used for describing expressive and tectonics qualities in great works of architecture.

This studio explored architectural language by studying and understanding great works of architecture in the historic city of Mandu; drawing lessons from the architectural attitudes of various buildings. The masters unknown this time, the studio was an attempt in posing an intimate and unbiased dialogue with the architecture which culminated in a project that sought a place for wellness, well-being and mindfulness.

Studio Unit

Pilot Exercise

Studying the Masterworks

Cube & Maze

Design Proposal

Sectional Perspectives