Faculty: Dipak Samal | Darshana Rawal

Geospatial Modeling and Application

The Geospatial Modeling and Application studio is designed to develop the process of analytical and modeling skills among students for solving real - world problems. Geospatial models are useful and used in a vast array of GIS applications, from a simple evaluation to the prediction of future landscapes. Several thematic areas such as urban sprawl , location intelligence , and environmental issue, etc. , would be taken up where a geospatial model would be employed to address a specific problem. In the due course, students would learn the working principles of geospatial modeling , analyze the trends and pattern, prepare the model input layers, analyze outputs as well as the processes embedded in the model. Moreover, the model performance would be evaluated with the help of the primary/secondary dataset. An attempt would be made to improve the model structure / codes so as to improve model performance and better problem-solving capabilities in the GIS environment.
After successful completion of this studio, students are able to simulate spatial processes using a Geospatial model and use them effectively to solve several real-world problems.

Studio Introduction and Workflow

Exploring Spatial Modelling Approaches

Spatial Modelling Framework

Thematic Application Areas

Studio Inferences