Faculty: Mili Parekh | Claire Reuter

Dropbox - within the Social Context

The studio illustrated the inventive functionality using industrial shipping containers to create spaces in the public realm. It initiated discussions on enhancing the future of public spaces with material innovations that foster sustainability and re-imagining of urban interiors. DROPBOX is a container placed within community settlements to address their needs and stimulate the cultural and physiological identity of its inhabitants. It programed spaces of a prescribed function that could be used within the urban fabric of that community, which would have an impact by re-adapting interior spaces of the dense neighborhood.

The studio developed an ability to sensitively understand contextual scale in terms of urban interiors in various parts. In the first part, contextual study comprehended a given site, surrounding and user group. Students learned systems for mapping community neighborhoods and represented them graphically. Proportion study focusdsfocused on understanding scale and proportions of an insert in context to the neighborhood. Program development uncovered methods to develop a client brief based on questioning ways of living and needs within the context.

The ability to analyze, visualize, and interpret information as relevant to space designing was covered in concept development and the final design insert.