Faculty: Jaymin Panchasara

TA: Devanshi Mittal

Introduction to metal

The studio's primary focus was on Metal as the material category. A brief introduction of the material was given through presentations. Students then conducted research, which included types of metal, sizes available in the market, and production processes along with simple structural understanding through quick hands-on experiments. The brief was to design simple furniture for homes like stools, side/end tables, clothes valet, Hat and umbrella stand, and a bench. Each student was allotted a primary material (Sheet metal, pipes, flats, rods, etc.) for their concept, which was developed during the course using different processes. (Welding, cutting, folding/bending, etc.). The studio commenced with a detailed study of the material and processes, joineries, ergonomics, etc. The concepts developed were be cost and production-friendly. The studio was involved making scaled models, 1:1 mock- ups, structural models, etc. along with detailed drawings and a full-scale working prototype.

Studio Unit

Preliminary exercises

Furniture prototype design process

Furniture prototype design process

Final furniture prototypes

Furniture catalogs