Faculty: Naandi Parikh

TA: Ashini Shah


As building designs have evolved over millennia, they have adapted to fit our changing demands and, ultimately, our expanding lives. Home has evolved from being a territorial requirement to a lifestyle choice. Housing has evolved in a major way over time, from being a space for shelter, comfort, consistency, and permanence, to being an expression of our humanness over time.
On the other hand, the market for real estate in metropolitan cities like Mumbai & Delhi is
becoming more and more volatile, where rents are going up while surfaces are going down.
As a response, more and more micro housing is emerging

The most significant challenge in micro housing design is trying to blend an individual?s necessities and desires into a functional yet
aesthetic space of only a few square meters. This studio focused on designing small studio space of around 30-40 square meter by understanding the fundamentals of space design as well as exploring the spatial role of space making elements, constantly engaging with the standard anthropometric requirements. The challenge was to be able to craft volumes into different forms and types of spaces.

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