Faculty: Jyoti Trivedi | Bhargav Dave | Paramjit Lota

TA: Vruja Mehta | Keval Solanki

Integrated Construction Practices

The Integrated Construction Practices course has been designed from ground up to address the challenges of modern construction projects. Based on theoretical foundations of lean construction, the course teaches the key building blocks of digital construction practices through real-life case study based course work. Key objectives: To learn the shortfalls of traditional construction processes. Study the production theory and foundations of lean construction and BIM Understand the role the technology plays in construction management. Deliver a real-life project through modern construction methods (including Lean and BIM) Learning Outcomes: Pitfalls of traditional construction practices. Importance of communication and collaboration through concepts of IPD(integrated project delivery) in project delivery. Exploration of lean theory and its application in construction. Understanding how each stakeholder plays a role in deliver a construction project through IPD simulations.

Studio Unit

Introduction to Integrated Construction practices

Concepts of Integrated Project Delivery

Keys to Integrated Project Delivery

Application of BIM Lean Synergies

Key insights of the studio