Faculty: Sejal Patel | Amruta Patel | Smruti Jukur

TA: Annesha Dasgupta

Housing Strategy

The studio aimed at developing a citywide housing strategy to improve access to affordable and decent housing for all income groups. Cities across the developed and developing countries are grappling with housing unaffordability as per the local land and labor markets. Issues such as inadequate delivery of serviced land in cities, irrational and counterproductive land and building regulations that impose high costs on housing unit price, other regulatory processes such as environmental clearance, RERA clearance, stamp duty, and registration, often cause further delay, and thereby increase the price of housing units. As a consequence markets are unable to provide affordable units, leaving a large section of households seeking housing, uncatered. The government attempts to directly provide for poor households living in substandard and informal housing, through policies and programs which are often illconceived and straightjacketed at the state and national level rather than being fomulated at the local level.

Studio Unit

Introduction to the studio

Studio stages and timeline

Learning outcomes

Studio schema

City-wide Housing Strategies formulated by two groups