Faculty: Mercy Samuel

TA: Mayuri Varkey

Urban Governance and Management

Urban management deals with the management of micro scale problems of day to day urban life. Most of our solutions are planning or large urban scale solutions. Hence, urban areas and the sustainable development of our cities poses key challenges for the micro level management of the urban areas.
The studio exposed the students to the legislative and administrative civic structure and systems governing a city for efficient service delivery. The scale of exploration was a micro unit within the city which was a municipal ward for big cities or a city itself in case of small cities. Students developed an understanding of municipal services, rules, policies and acts governing the same. The students were required to study urban schemes, missions, and programs in the ecosystem of Municipal Management along with the 74th Amendment and the State Municipal Act. The teaching modules also covered decision making tools like Sensitivity Analysis, Scenario Building, and GIS for managers. The studio was required to be conducted with the support from the Municipal Corporation or Municipality as applicable for the study.

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Urban Governance and Management Studio

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