Faculty: Devanshu Pandit | Keyur Shah

TA: Ruta N.patel

Project Planning and Controlling for Industrial Projects

Since 1950s, project participants strive to achieve three project management objectives: time, cost, and quality also known as Iron Triangle of project success. Project Planning & Controlling is essence of project management to achieve time, cost and quality objectives. However, we are still struggling with delays and cost overrun of projects due to lack of scientific approach in managing projects. The course in project planning and controlling aims to prepare students to become engineers that create a project plan considering internal and external factors, identify the constraints, determine project duration and costs and their change over project life-cycle, and once the project kicks off monitor the project against the baseline schedule. The industrial projects are more complex, and are concerned with timely completion of the projects therefore the studio will consider industrial project development and construction as a case study for which planning, monitoring and controlling will be carried out. The student will be able to prepare project execution plan and monitor against the set plan after going through this course.

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