Faculty: Saswat Bandyopadhyay | Gargi Mishra

TA: Nirali Shah

City Infrastructure Plan-WASH

This studio intended to develop a detailed understanding of how city level WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) infrastructure plans are prepared and integrated with city-wide land-use development proposals. Specific approaches to mainstream climate resilience in the overall planning of urban infrastructure including identification, design and financing of projects were also explored. Participants worked in teams to deal with macro to micro level sectoral issues to develop an integrated perspective of City Infrastructure Planning, including norms and regulations, assessment of demand supply issues, identification and prioritization of projects, and investment programming. They explored various strategies to minimize, mitigate, manage and adapt to the immediate as well as long-term climate change impacts on urban WASH infrastructure. Moreover, they applied various available tools and frameworks at different levels, city and local, for planning and implementing sustainable and resilient infrastructure development

Studio Unit

Introduction to the City Infrastructure Plan (CIP) WASH Studio

Studio Overview: Aim, Objectives and Journey

CIP 2035 Analysis: (a) Heritage and Tourism and; (b) Solid Waste Management of Ujjain City

CIP 2035 Analysis: (a) Blue-Green Infrastructure and; (b) Water Supply Infrastructure of Ujjain City

CIP 2035 Analysis: Sanitation Situation of Ujjain City | Studio Team Members