Faculty: Katsushi Goto | Neethu Mathew

TA: Parul Parganiha

Single Person Dwelling - well-being through productive loneliness

Demographic Research Journal’s issue, Living Alone: One-person household in Asia (2015), addresses one-person household as the fastest growing living situation. The current social welfare system and institutions fall short of supporting one-person households. However, the distribution and utilisation of resources are limited to and facilitated for an ideal family household. In the studio, we proposed to rethink housing and dwelling outside of ideal family, and to question spatiality and materiality associated with wellbeing, especially for a single person dwelling as primary situation. During lockdown, we experienced being alone at our home room. With this recent experience as a starting point, participants document their respective space and objects to analyse their relationship with themselves. We addressed how single person dwelling confirms its normality and wellbeing. Sitting at the threshold of communal and private, or simultaneously confining and liberating, the single person dwelling was purposed as both: isolation and production, and embodied the shift between these two states of being.

Studio Unit