Faculty: Shivanand Swamy | Hemangi Dalwadi

TA: Reshma Mathew

Transportation Project Studio

The studio aims to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of the framework to undertake feasibility study of a mass rapid transit system in the city of Rajkot . The students analyzed the existing public transportation system in the city and various rapid transit technologies across the world, namely Metro, Metrolite, Metro Neo, Bus priority and undertook a process of mode selection through alternative analysis. An evaluation framework including physical, financial, economic, social, and environmental aspects were used for assessing project feasibility. The students were able to develop a detailed corridor and station planning, system operation plan, preliminary infrastructure plan for facilities & a project implementation plan for Rajkot city.

Studio Unit

Studio project brief

Introduction to Mass Rapid Transit System

Existing situation analysis and future forecast - Case city Rajkot

Project Detailing

Public transport scenario evaluation and conclusion