Faculty: Bhairav Patel | Meet satishkumar Shah | Aashlesh Gandhi

TA: Parth Sheth | Anish Prajapati | Swapnil Nandurkar

Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

The objective of this studio was to enable the students to design reinforced concrete buildings under the effect of different loads acting on them. Themes of discussions ranged from master designers, iconic buildings and related design philosophy and structural load transfer to the modern futuristic buildings. Students also prepared the physical models which were then tested on the shake table to understand the different structural modes, follies in design and the methods to rectify the same. Depending on the availability of laboratory, beams and cubes were cast and were loaded till failure through which the failure modes brought in the relevance of reinforcement placement in a structure. With a given building and a problem statement, students learnt to develop the structural system, apply optimization techniques, analyze and design the same independently under gravity loads as well as lateral loads, which act owing to wind and earthquakes.

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